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Grow Magazine is a Christian relationship resource guide for both married couples and those in the dating scene. We provide the most up-to-date and quality information for our readers no matter where they are in life’s journey. Having a relationship with Christ is one thing, building a relationship with a significant other is something else entirely. Many times, people can get confused about how they can devote enough time to their husband/wife, or find someone to date, while still devoting their time to building a better relationship with God.

That’s exactly why we have provided you with the information located throughout this website. Feel free to browse through the pages and numerous articles presented so that you too can take the right steps in life, love, and your Christian faith.

Christian Marriage Resources

Christian Marriage

Your relationship with God goes beyond just the personal level when you get married. Finding your ideal partner seemed like quite the feat in itself. Now, strengthening your relationship with your husband or wife while at the same time, coming closer to God, is just the next chapter in your life’s journey. A strong Christian marriage isn’t all about just deciphering the Bible and figuring out what to do from there. Several people have tried going that route and it doesn’t work all of the time, unfortunately.

Throughout Grow Magazine, a Christian relationship resource guide, you’ll find numerous ways to continue the strengthening of your relationship with Christ and your marriage partner. Go directly to our Christian Marriage section for more information. On that page, we give you several ways to grow as a couple, with God at your side.

From Christian marriage counseling and advice, to the best books to read, we’ve laid out a solid foundation to help you on your journey.

As with any foundation, you aren’t done after you just read the blueprint. You have to put in the work and take action. No matter how many books you read or how many counseling sessions you attend, the work you put in to making your marriage thrive will be directly proportionate to your outcome and your overall enjoyment of life.

Go ahead and either click on the link above or on the picture to the left of this paragraph and see what all we have to offer to help you and your marriage.

Christian Dating Resources

Christian Dating

All of the Christian dating resources on this website are intended to provide useful information for all types of God loving people. We produce this information without bias or prejudice. We believe that all people are created equal and the God loves every one of us. So, please refrain from being offended if any of the topics on this website seem controversial.

Finding a match in today’s world is becoming more and more of a challenge. It seems like the people we actually WANT to date are taken or we don’t have a clue about how to go about talking to him/her in the first place. These have always been challenges, but finding a good Christian in the mix can be very tricky.

Throughout the pages of this website, you’ll find information and resources for the best free websites and the best paid ones as well. There’s a difference in the type of people on those websites and I’ll get more in depth into that on our Christian dating page.

Furthermore, I’ll also provide you with some resources regarding Christian dating for those in the United Kingdom, the Black community, and the gay/lesbian community.

Don’t make Christian dating any harder than it is. We’ll provide you with tips on how to ask someone out on a date, what topics to stick to once your on your date, and how to get a 2nd date!

Feel free to browse our website for more information on dating for Christians.

View our Dating Coach Atlanta page. It’s newly updated!

Here’s a quick tip in dating. Do whatever you can to increase your self confidence. If your “inner game” isn’t on point and you aren’t quite ready to handle a relationship, then what’s the point? There are a lot of different ways to do this, however, so don’t be afraid of changing for the better. For instance, some people feel better about themselves after they get a tattoo. Read more about that on this Des Moines, IA tattoo shop website. Some people feel better when they get LASIK surgery. Some people even feel more confident after they get their teeth straightened and whitened. Whatever it takes, and you can afford the treatment, I think you should do it. Nothing says “attraction” like a confident person. If you feel good about yourself, you’ll feel much more confident. Therefore, you’ll attract higher quality people into your life.

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