Christian Dating PictureThe subject of Christian dating doesn’t come up too often in everyday conversation. Sure, for teenagers who are new to it all, it’s one of the most frequently talked about subjects. But for many of us, we can’t seem to find the right person to date no matter where we go or what we try doing about it. At times, I’ve felt like I was “supposed” to be alone my whole life. Then at other times, I’ve felt like God will lead someone into my life that is the perfect match. Well, both of these mindsets were false once I went through my “logic” behind them.

For one thing, the Bible doesn’t tell us how to date or even how to go about starting conversations with a potential partner in order to eventually get to go out on a date. The Bible also doesn’t say one way or another if dating is a good or bad thing. Here’s my take on it all. I think that God loves us all, no matter what. He may or may not send someone to cross our path who will be the perfect match for us. If it does happen, we have to know what to do in that situation or we’ll miss it completely.

What we have to do, no matter the case, is TAKE ACTION. We have to put ourselves out there so that another person can experience ‘us.’ We can’t just go about our same routines over and over again expecting something different. If we want to find someone to love, let alone date, we have to do things a little bit differently. Granted there are obstacles associated, but that’s just life.

To Win at Dating, You Must Take ACTION.

A Little Christian Dating Advice

If you’re looking for Christian dating advice, then you already know the obstacles at hand. I probably don’t need to reiterate them to you. What’s important to understand, though, is that many of those same obstacles that Christians face when looking for someone to date are the same for people who don’t consider themselves Christians.

All of the obstacles associated with the subject have to do with compatibility. That’s right. It doesn’t really have anything to do with a person’s religion specifically. It has to do, in a large overall sense, with common beliefs, morals, and views on life. It just so happens that a lot of religious people share common views and morals, but just like with anything, there are certain degrees of those beliefs.

In order to find a perfect dating partner, you don’t have to agree with someone 100% on everything. You just have to agree with most things. When there are difference, and believe me there will be, you have to respect a person’s point of view. No one person was created equal with another, and that’s what makes Christian dating so exciting! You will already have a common place from which to start your relationship, and that is with the strong belief in Christ.

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Many pages throughout this website are intended for specific groups of people. While some people may find what’s written on these pages ‘offensive,’ please remember that what we believe here at Grow Magazine is that God loves all Christians no matter their lifestyle. If Christ doesn’t prejudge, then neither do we. Therefore, we have produced our content with many different groups of people in mind. After all, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there regarding Christian dating!

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