Best Christian Dating Websites

Even the best Christian dating websites out there might seem to be out of your price range. In fact, when I was single, I didn’t really want to pay any money to become a member of a premium website for Christian singles. Well, after I learned the difference between the type of people that were actually on these websites, I was extremely happy with my purchase. I didn’t even have to stay a member for very long before I found my true Christian match.

Just imagine for a minute that a ton of available singles are all going to a particular matchmaker event and everyone has to pay $30 for a ticket. You know that the chances of finding someone with similar values and morals is going to be hit and miss (you aren’t going to know every detail after the first meeting). You also know that it’s a lot easier to spark up a conversation with someone knowing that they are there for the very same thing. Furthermore, you know that they are committed to finding someone because they had to pay the entry fee. Do you think that you would also pay the ticket price and go to the singles event?

The Best Christian Dating Websites Are the Premium Ones

I found out pretty early on that I was wasting a lot of time checking my messages and visitors on a bunch of different dating sites. I was mostly getting contacted by people who had very little to say. They would say “What’s up?” or “I like your profile. You’re cute.” That was it! It was so hard to get a conversation going with most of these people because there was a block in communication. Granted, I didn’t have to pay any money, but none of these people had any ‘skin in the game,’ so to speak.

The Top Christian Matchmaker Sites All Have One Thing in Common.

Everyone Knows What They Want.

With everyone having to pay SOMETHING to become a member of these premium Christian dating sites, you know that everyone is more committed than the ones that choose not to join. That’s okay. I was one of those people too…until I got a little fed up.

The one thing that all of the best premium Christian singles websites have in common is the degree of seriousness that the members have. Dating in itself isn’t serious, and it shouldn’t be, but don’t you want to know that your potential “match” is taking their date with you seriously?

Here Are the Best Premium Christian Dating Websites:

Christian Mingle

This website is exclusive to Christians. You can gain peace of mind knowing that people who share your Christian values are the only members of this site. BONUS: You can try out the site without paying a dime! In my opinion, this is the BEST dating site for Christian singles.

Click here to try Christian Mingle for FREE.

Love And Seek is owned by While it’s parent company is another one of the leaders in online dating, this particular website is exclusive to Christians.

Browse Singles on Love and Seek for FREE.


This particular dating website doesn’t cater specifically to Christian singles, but it is one of the largest dating websites on the planet. You won’t have to search through profiles because their algorithm matches you up with people based on the potential for a “deep connection.”

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