Black Christian Dating

When it comes to black Christian dating websites, the choices out there seem very limited. There simply aren’t enough resources for black Christian singles. Granted, you can hop on a few of the free sites, but you aren’t going to find quality matches. There are some things to consider, though, outside of the specific matchmaker website that you end up using.

One of the biggest factors regarding finding black singles is the geographic area you live in. I know that this might sound a bit obvious. However, most people don’t take into consideration the immense opportunities in larger cities with predominately black neighborhoods. The more black people in a city, the higher likelihood that there will be single Christians looking to date people like you!

Don’t Use the Free Black Dating Websites

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “You get what you pay for.” This holds true with online dating as well. Finding a quality dating partner that you can grow close to as the relationship matures isn’t going to happen by going through hundreds of profiles and trying to contact all of the ‘attractive’ people. These profiles are often fake and once you start to engage in a conversation with them, they’ll send you a spam link to try and get you to sign up for some garbage black dating site.

Premium Black Christian Matchmaker Sites Work

During my dating years, I tried hopping on all of the free dating websites that I had heard of, and even some of which I had never heard of. They were all pretty much the same. Tons of people, little to no return for the time I put into it.

If you want to have ANY luck with the free black singles websites, then you have to either move to a large metropolitan area or be willing to date someone from there. The chances of finding a true match isn’t very high if you are expecting this person to live in the same town as you.

The one thing that all of the premium black Christian dating websites have in common is that everyone on there paid money for the privilege and easy experience. Now, dating shouldn’t be a ‘serious’ type of thing, but there are so many people on the free sites that are just looking around and aren’t even willing to commit to meeting up for coffee!

Here Are the Best Black Christian Dating Websites:

Christian Mingle

This particular site is for Christians only. While it doesn’t necessarily cater to black people specifically, it does have a great filter in which you can search for people according to race and/or ethnicity. As an added bonus, you can try the site out for free. You know that everyone on the site is single and Christian, so go ahead and give it a try.

Click here to try Christian Mingle for FREE.

Love And Seek

This site is owned by and is specifically designed for Christians. Again, it isn’t specifically for black Christian matchmaking, but this site has a wonderful little search filter that you can find some great dates with.

Browse Singles on Love and Seek for FREE.


eHarmony is another titan in the online dating industry. They have recently launched a new Christian focused marketing campaign and it seems to be really taking off. Again, you can try this one out for free as well.

Click here to try eHarmony for FREE.

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