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Finding the best free christian dating websites by yourself is impossible, unless you plan on spending hours a day online testing them all. When I first started off on my dating journey, I was an author-for-hire working from home. I met a few people at church who’s self proclaimed title was ‘matchmaker’ but that failed to lead to any real connections with anyone. After going on a few blind dates that weren’t productive, I resorted to online dating. I made it my mission to find the top free online dating site for Christian people like me. I spent hours on end searching through photos on all of the Christian sites and reached out to everyone that I found attractive, not just on the surface level, but also in the depth of their profiles.

My Experience with Free Christian Dating Sites

After a while, I started to get some responses from the Christian singles that I was interested in. I also got more than a few messages from people I wasn’t. I guess this is par for the course for online dating no matter what free website you’re on. It certainly seemed to be working for me better than my matchmaking friends at church.

I went on numerous first dates, but they never led to a second. Well, I take that back. I DID go on a second date with someone who I initially thought wasn’t really interested, so I wrote that person off from my potential dates list. After our first date though, this person sent me a few texts. So, I gave the person another chance. The second date went okay, I suppose, but I knew that I could never see myself marrying this person down the road, so we didn’t go on a third date.

You Get What You Pay For with FREE Dating Sites.

During my search for the top free Christian dating sites, I noticed a trend. I noticed that all of the people that I was having conversations with weren’t really sure what they were looking for. In fact, some of the people on the sites were just seeing what was out there. Now, I’m all for testing the waters, but if you are surrounded by people who are ALL testing the waters, it doesn’t really make you want to jump right in. For me personally, I found that the paid dating websites yielded a lot better results for me personally.

If You Really Want the Top FREE Christian Dating Websites, Here They Are:

If you really just want to test the waters, the best Christian dating websites that are free are as follows: (lots of fake profiles),,, and The latter of the two aren’t exclusively for Christian singles, but the search filters are pretty extensive so you can really find just about any type of person you want on there.

Again, for me personally, I chose to go the premium route. I found that the people on premium sites are more serious about dating and eventually settling down with someone. In other words, they are single, but don’t want to stay that way. Read more about it here.

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