Gay Christian Dating

When it comes to gay Christian dating, everyone seems to have their own opinion. We here at Grow Magazine know that God blesses relationships of all kinds. The LGBT community is not forced into lifelong celibacy. Homosexual behavior can be appropriate within the confines of a Christ centered relationship.

Traditionally speaking, the church has feverishly condemned gay and lesbian relationships. Many people in the Christian faith believe that it should stay this way. However, more and more Christians are taking a second or third look at the Bible’s take on all of this and feel that a mistake was made and the moral implications aren’t justified at all.

Lesbian & Gay Christian Dating 101

All Christian based relationships are blessed regardless of gender. If the act of gay marriage were a sin, then surely we wouldn’t be legalizing it throughout the country. When the Bible talks of homosexuality being a sin, it is all in reference to the fruit of those relationships.

There are plenty of people, just like you, who already know what has been stated above. Others are unsure of where they stand. Some, are still convinced otherwise.

What’s important to note here, is that gay Christian dating is meant with the intention of marriage. It isn’t meant for just hopping from one relationship to another with no end goal in mind. All Christian dating shares this same belief.

Gay Christians Have a Tough Road Ahead on Dating Websites

There are only a handful of legitimate Christian dating sites. Likewise, there are only a handful of websites for gay singles. This makes it extremely difficult for someone who is both a Christian and gay to find someone worthwhile to date.

As stated above, all Christian dating is intended for marriage in the near future. After all, if we can’t marry this person and continue growing our relationship with God, then what on Earth are we doing, anyway?

Below I have listed a few of the best gay Christian dating websites. Albeit these sites are not specifically catering towards the LGBT community, but they are the leaders of the online dating world. Their shear numbers make it pretty easy to find a great dating partner, no matter your gender or your gender preference.

Gay Christian Dating Websites:

Christian Mingle

This is the largest Christian dating website on the planet. Christian Mingle doesn’t cater specifically to gay people, but it does cater to those strong in their faith. You can try the site out for free and it has a nifty search filter option you can use to find other people in the LGBT community.

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Love And Seek is another website catering towards Christian singles. It has the same search filters of Christian Mingle, but is owned by, who has been in the industry the longest. You can try this one out for free as well.

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I’m sure you’ve seen some advertisements on the television for this dating site, but did you know that they have a Christian department as well? It’s true. They now semi-cater to Christian singles and you can search by gender preference.

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