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Marriage books for guys? Anyone will agree that not all men are interested in cuddling with a book then with their wives. It is a natural thing for women to connect with others especially with a book. The question is how your husband will learn to enjoy a loving and satisfying marital relationship without any decades of counseling.

Research shows that the wisest marriage counseling and advisors came from the previous experience of others. People have studied, observed and worked with others to enhance marriages all throughout the months and years. In the market, you can easily find premium Christian Marriage Books that are written from the findings through experience, research and observation.

By applying this essential information to your relationship, you can fulfill the role of a husband and wife. This will have a great impact in your marital life. You will become happier and more fulfilling by learning these new things and be able to apply it to your marriage relationship.

What Christian Marriage Books Can Do For You

The good news is that seasoned professionals have come up with a number of new Christian Marriage books about improving marriage relationships. There are different types of books that can help save your marriage.

Take for instance, “Good Husband, Great Marriage.” A man’s man who was a former hockey referee, Robert Alter counseled marriage couples for more than 23 years already. He discovered that men are the ones who can destroy a marriage relationship, much than women.

You can also prefer the series of Christian Marriage Books by Gary Chapman since you are in a Christian marriage. His new book published in year 2007 is “The Four Seasons of Marriage,” which focuses on the different seasons of marriage those wives and husbands encounter in their daily lives.

Let’s just face it that time flies so fast and things change drastically, including people. Is your marriage in the spring, summer, Fall or Winter? This book can help you find out and learn different strategies to strengthen and improve your married life if you will just apply it personally and truthfully.

Learn how to speak with your spouse, being open to each other, having an emphatic listening power, dealing with failures, choosing a winning attitude, helping your spouse succeed, maximizing but not minimizing your differences and by practicing the power of positive thinking. These things will help your partnership succeed and make the union lasts forever.

A Christian marriage is built to last. It is like a strong rope and if you have strong cords in place. They celebrate a strong bond of love, faith and hope between a man, woman and God. There are many encouraging words about marriage in the Christian bible. The words of Jesus, writings of his apostles like St. Paul and the other books of the New Testament gives you a model for a joyful, harmonious and permanent marriage.

In the Gospel of St, John, the first act of Jesus was at a wedding. He transformed a large amount of water into a very flavorful wine at Cana. Jesus is challenging the society to avoid separation between husband and wife. These are the type of books that can help save your marriage.


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