Christian Marriage Counseling

Research has indicated that there are considerably very many Christians across the globe in relation to other religions. Christians across the world have different ways of living especially those who are married.

As Christians, you should ensure that your marriage is running well and that you avoid every difficulty that might result from various things that could result to a divorce.

Christian marriages need to be protected at all costs. Having a Christian foundation you should ensure that you run your activities peacefully and with total respect. You should avoid any conflicts in churches and from your neighbors. The following are various lessons under christian marriage counseling:

Christian Marriage Counseling Teaches:

In the rest of this article, we’ll cover what Christian marriage counseling teaches us, as follows: respect, faithfulness, contentment, and action.


Successful marriage relationship starts with having respect for one another. Husbands should respect their wives and wives should respect their husbands. The couple must come to a level of understanding that respect is not demanded, but it is earned. Once you treat your wife well, she will treat you well too. If a woman treats her husband with respect, the husband shall notice the respect that is being given to him and shall, therefore, not hesitate to give a good feedback by respecting their partners back. The couple shall, therefore, have peace in their lives hence preventing their marriage from breaking up.


Research has shown that many Christian marriages are breaking since the partners are unfaithful to each other. It is not right to commit adultery as outlined in the Ten Commandments by God. Therefore, as a Christian you are expected to remain faithful in your marriage and do not commit adultery. If you are facing any issues with your partner, it is always advisable that you talk to them and discover the various ways in which you shall settle your differences and avoid cases of being unfaithful. A strong marriage requires Christians to remain faithful.

Be content with what you can afford for your family.

Most marriages have broken since individuals are never content with what they can afford. There are various things in the world that everyone wants to acquire. If you cannot afford such things you should be able to help yourself in coming up with the required strategies of business and agree with your partner. Do not go to the extent of breaking up due to the desire of wanting to acquire more than you can afford. Therefore, remaining content with what you have shall help your relationship in becoming as strong as possible.

Carry out activities after reaching an agreement.

Many Christian marriages have crumbled after a partner decides to make major family decisions without involving their partner. Before you make a decision, do not forget to include your partner in it. Desire to hear their consent since they might have a better idea of doing what you intend to do. They might also have an opinion contrary to your intentions. Telling them what you are about to do is a way of showing them that you really trust them and you only want to involve them in your plans since you have faith in them. Therefore, your marriage shall be strengthened with Christian marriage counseling.


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