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Nothing in the world makes you feel as happy, secure, and comfortable when you are sharing your life with someone who is perfect for you. Studies show that people in lasting marriages are happier and more fulfilled than their single counterparts. This is because life is so much better when you have someone to share it with, someone who you can warmly sleep with in your bed every night.

When you hire a great matchmaker, your love life will be rejuvenated while you will go on many dates with high quality singles. You can also feel comfortable and secure knowing those singles are pre-screened by a professional matchmaker. The odds for compatibility will be far more likely than if you were set up on a blind date by one of your friends. You won’t have to work at all to meet people because the matchmaker will do all the searching for you! There might not be such a thing as the perfect person, but there is a perfect person out there for you and I can help you find that person!

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Matchmaking is an intensive search and screening process. The end goal is to find you someone who might make a wonderful long-term partner. The first part of the process is the initial consultation. We begin by finding out as much information about you as possible so we have a clear idea of what a great partner for you looks like. We also make sure that your expectations are realistic, but also congruent with what you require to be happy in a long-term relationship. When there is a clear guideline laid out for what you are looking for in a partner, we then begin the search and screening process. My methods for finding you a great relationship are more numerous than I can describe here, but I use any means necessary. In short, I have a database of singles that I have collected over the years, multiple social networks, I even use online dating websites on your behalf, and personally go out into the real world at places that would most likely have the kind of person you are looking for. I have no shame approaching strangers I think may be a good fit for you and handing out hundreds of my business cards. I am even willing to personally go out with you to events to help you meet people if you wish.

Why You Need a Dating Coach

Atlanta is a notoriously hard place to find “the one”. The glitz and glamour of Midtown’s night life, and emphasis on being the richest or most beautiful makes finding a quality relationship or marriage incredibly difficult. That’s why you need someone to help you sift through all the superficiality, screen through the people who are not ready to commit, and find you an amazing person who you will share your life with. It is a common problem to find high quality relationships in a superficial culture.

When people tell me they want to find a partner in Atlanta, I jokingly say to go to the mid-west and find one. Although I’m just trying to be funny, there is some truth to this, because the mid-west emphasizes family values far more than Georgia. It is not impossible to find commitment-minded people in Atlanta, just difficult. There are many people who are successful in finding great relationships in Atlanta, but they just got incredibly lucky and met the right person at the right time. Finding a great long-term partner can easily become a part-time or full time-job if you don’t know what you are doing or don’t know how to look. I know how to find someone as efficiently as possible, allowing luck to easily find me and ultimately you.

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The Leading Atlanta Matchmaker

My name is Josh Styles and I have been a dating coach and matchmaker for almost a decade. I created this service to not only help find the perfect person for you, but also bring awareness to what causes your lack of success in finding a great long-term partner. It has been my life mission to help single’s become more self-aware, self-confident, and more successful in their dating lives. I not only help find singles their true love, but teach them how as well.

I encourage you to do your research and look up other matchmakers who service Atlanta. I guarantee that your best option will lead you back to me. Please look up reviews. You will find my competition is plagued with negative reviews. This is mainly due to the fact that not one company is locally based out of Atlanta. As far as I know, I am the only locally based Matchmaker in Atlanta that solely services Georgia. I am locally based, I am a small company, and do not spread myself thin. I only take in as many clients as I can handle at a time. I personally meet every one of your matches in person and screen them. I am not a giant corporation like the rest of the matchmakers that service Atlanta that lack the personal touch I can offer.

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You will work and meet with me and one of my premier dating coaches who have worlds of experience. Another benefit of working with my matchmaking service is that due to my small size, my overhead is a lot less and I can afford to charge half the price of my competitors. Please do research on me as well. You will find I run a local Meetup group offering free singles events. I also have a YouTube Channel offering free dating advice. I encourage you to watch my videos and judge my expertise for yourself. No other matchmaker in Georgia can boast 10 years of dating coaching experience like I can. You will also find a video of me approaching and meeting my girlfriend for the first time from 2012, proving that I do know how and am willing to do whatever it takes to find an amazing long-term partner.

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